TVP-Care networks with experts in other areas – both within healthcare and tangential to healthcare – that our families can access as part of the overall aging journey. Your Legacy Legal Care was born out of the founder’s personal experience navigating the legal / healthcare landscape for her family, and aligns with our mission of delivering higher-level of care to clients.

In the realm of elder care, two pillars of support often coincide with each other to ensure the well-being of our senior population. These two pillars are elder law attorneys and their clients’ healthcare professionals. While each role is distinct, a strong relationship between these two types of professionals is crucial in navigating the complex challenges faced by our aging loved ones.

The collaboration between elder law attorneys and primary care physicians creates a powerful knowledge exchange. While primary care physicians possess deep medical expertise, they may benefit from the legal insights provided by elder law attorneys. Similarly, elder law attorneys can gain a better understanding of the medical implications and unique circumstances surrounding their clients and their loved ones. By sharing their respective knowledge and experiences, these professionals can make informed decisions that truly prioritize the best interests of the individuals they serve.

Many times, an elder law attorney needs to understand the health complications their clients face to properly advise them on the necessary legal documents (such as a last will and testament, trust, powers of attorney, etc.) that may be needed. When setting up an estate plan, it is important to discuss what short- and long-term goals you have and to plan for any healthcare needs in the future, whether it be needing long-term care and assistance qualifying for Medicaid or appointing someone to make medical and financial decisions on your behalf.

This relationship should extend beyond mere collaboration, which is why Your Legacy Legal Care™ is proud to partner with TVP-Care to be advocates for our clients by empowering them to make informed decisions. By working hand in hand, elder law attorneys and your healthcare team can provide support that encompasses both medical and legal aspects, resulting in comprehensive care that promotes the well-being and peace of mind of you and your family. When you have a team that works together to ensure your best interests are put first, you can rest assured that you will be living out the rest of your life without the burden of wondering “what if?”

Learn more about how we partner with TVP-Care and our Elder Care Navigation program by visiting our website or call us at (281) 218-0880.

Written by Adam Hundley, Client Services Director, Your Legacy Legal Care.

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