Primary care at home for our seniors, veterans, and chronically ill.

The type of care that we provide includes:

Chronic care management
Medication management
Preventative care
Nutrition counseling
Social support
Fall and safety evaluation
Home care and home health coordination
Automatic vital sign monitoring
Transitional care management
Plus sign
Primary care
Corona Virus
Covid-19 long haulers

What is TVP-Care?

TVP-Care is a home-based primary care service. Each Care Team is powered by a local Primary Care Physician and Registered Nurse Practitioners supported 24/7 by a Patient Care Center to deliver a comprehensive and coordinated approach to each patient’s wellbeing. TVP-Care reduces the burden of visiting a brick-and-mortar doctor’s office and dealing with insurance and administrative paperwork so that patients can focus on health and wellbeing.


Through continuous remote monitoring, predictive analytics, and care coordination, hospitalizations are avoided, admissions to senior care facilities are minimized, and unnecessary trips to the Emergency Departments are reduced…all while maintaining each patient’s dignity and extending their aging in place.


Caregivers are critical to our success. TVP-Care works tirelessly to foster strong partnerships with family and other caregivers to directly and positively impact our patients’ wellbeing.

How it Works


Complete our simple registration process authorizing TVP-Care to work together with your doctor.


Select a date and time that works best for you and your family.
Our clinician will visit with you at home, where you are most comfortable.

Care Plan

Following the initial assessment visit at home, your TVP-Care Team will create a personalized Care Plan that is used by everyone involved in your care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still be able to see my doctor?

Yes, if you were referred by your doctor’s office. If you came by a different method the decision is yours if you wish to remain with the doctor you know or you can change to the doctors who are TVP-Care Providers.

Will I go to the office to see my doctor or will it be a telemedicine visit?

TVP-Care Primary Care Providers will come to your home for the first visit in order to get to know you and your caregivers. After the first visit, you will have 3 quarterly Telemedicine visits.

How much will this new service cost me?

TVP-Care services are covered by your insurance, so there is nothing for you to pay besides your standard co-pay.  If there are any questions, we will work with you and your insurer to review benefits.

Why do I need to take my vitals every day and be monitored?

Remote patient monitoring is a service that uses devices to help monitor your vital signs, which are key indicators to help prevent admissions to hospitals, senior care facilities, and emergency departments. By monitoring and tracking your vital signs daily, any abnormalities can be detected quickly, and care can be provided to you immediately.

What devices will I need, how much will it cost me, will the devices be provided to me or do I have to get them myself?

The devices are provided based on your specific health conditions. They are typically paid for by your insurance provider. If devices are ordered for you, they will be sent to your residential address.

When do I call you and when would I call my doctor?

You can call us whenever you feel there is a healthcare or behavioral concern. If the remote patient monitoring devices detect abnormalities, the nurses at our Patient Care Center may call you to ask some health-related questions.

Caregivers are our essential partners.

Collaborating with caregivers is at the core of what we do. Caregivers ensure that care plans are carried out and wellbeing is maintained at home. Our 24/7 nursing support center is available to provide resources and answer questions.


It is also important for caregivers to take care of themselves – both their health and their wellbeing. The following list includes valuable resources for you and anyone involved in caregiving:



Our COVID-19 Safety Measures

We maintain the highest standards in safety and infection control.

Symptom Checking

All of our clinical professionals must complete a symptom checker daily and results can be displayed for you upon request.

Face Masks

All of our clinical professionals are required to wear a face mask during patient visits.

Social Distancing

In-person visits will follow social distancing guidelines to ensure that everyone maintains a safe distance.


All medical equipment is sanitized thoroughly and our clinical professionals are required to use hand sanitizer before and after each patient visit.

A new standard of 21st Century, comprehensive, Home-based Primary Care: enabled by technology